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Computer Locked By Virus Or Ransom In Bitcoin

The virus attack is today a rather massive factor on the web, so that in recent years new types of computer viruses have been created that have multiplied and spread more rapidly than in the past. If your documents photos databases and other important files have been encrypted, you have to deal with cryptolocker virus, that can be considered as one of the most dangerous new computer viruses. He acts sending a mail to users where there is a link, which is the virus that can encrypt the contents of the computer. This virus that encrypts files has the goal of putting the user in front of two options: either the computer locked by virus or ransom in Bitcoin. Hackers use these types of viruses to drop the trapped user and ask them to pay the ransom to reopen the files and return their own documents. The blackmail calls for a payment of a few hundred euros in bitcoin to receive a decryption program later via email.

Cryptolocker was one of the most commonly used and most harmful encryption virus 2016 for all the user and companies. Once the virus is in the PC, the hacker puts the user in front of two seemingly mandatory choices: either leave the computer locked by viruses or ransom in Bitcoin. Obviously, it’s not recommended to proceed with the payment of the ransom, also because it’s often quite high. Therefore, if you want removal ransomware virus, you can proceed by installing the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program. This program proceed with removal cryptolocker virus (bitcoin virus removal) and in particular trojan, worms, rootkits, dialers, spyware, ransomware and other types of malware from the computer. Among the major damages that cryptolocker virus performs, it can encrypt all files contained on the computer.

How to decrypt files encrypted by a virus ? First of all you have to first remove the cryptolocker virus with special programs and only after that you can think of how to decrypt files encrypted by cryptolocker virus. The operation that finds a response to how to decrypt files encrypted by ransomware is the ShadowExplorer program, which allows you to recover your files that have been encrypted by malware, exploiting automatic security copies from Windows.