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Cryptolocker Virus: delete or pay?

On the Internet boom in the previous years, have come up with new types of computer viruses that have been able to multiply and spread more rapidly than in the past. In fact, the latest computer viruses are more dangerous as they provide that the user receives a message on their email box that provides misleading indications of alleged shipments to his / her preference; Or could be sent a link where containing the download cryptolocker and subsequently, a redemption to decrypt cryptolocker. Cryptolocker is a virus that can encrypt the contents of the computer, so that it automatically clicks blackmail to reopen the files, and to return to own documents. Reward is a sum of hundreds of euros in bitcoin, because the hacker, later, sends a link via email, which contains info on how to remove cryptolocker. In this way, Cryptolocker virus: delete or pay?

Unfortunately, the Cryptolocker virus is one of the most common threats in the network over the last few years, as the user is no longer able to make certain actions, such as accessing photos, PDF files, and / or other documents on his PC. CryptoLocker is a ransomware, that is, a particular type of malware that affects Windows operating systems and delete cryptolocker virus is not a very simple action. So, cryptolocker virus: delete or pay? It’s absolutely unpopular to pay, in fact it is sometimes possible to remove, through cryptolocker removal tool, using some programs such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a free program that can remove trojans, worms, rootkits, dialers, spyware, ransomware and other kinds of malware from your computer.

This program, like other programs like Norton Power Eraser, responds to how to remove cryptolocker viruses from windows 7 or windows xp. Once the cryptolocker virus is completely deleted, how to decrypt files encrypted by cryptolocker virus is a simpler task with a special recovery procedure. In this case, you must first know which files have been hit by accessing directly from Local Disk operations. Once you locate the files, you can use the software to restore your files that have been encrypted from malware by using the security copies automatically executed by Windows. Microsoft also has tools that allow you to remove cryptolocker virus, or other malware, thought Microsoft removal tool for cryptolocker.

In addition to removing cryptolocker, there is a company Kaspersky, which specializes in the production of software designed for computer security, and has identified a tool that decrypts files that are inaccessible by cryptolocker. In particular, experts from the Russian company Kaspersky deciphered and then examined the malware code, identifying the mode of operation and the type of encryption used. Our advice is to get in touch with a technical staff specializing in this, which can help you decrypt all your files that have been lost.