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Delete Yourself From Facebook

The advent of social networks has meant that people could be traced more easily by millions of users around the world. This may mean that a user may want to delete yourself from Facebook (delete Facebook account now)because he does not want his information to be more traceable from the web. Facebook is the most famous social network in the World reaching recently 2 billion active users daily, it hosting and storing billions of people’s information and data. On Facebook the users interact with each other, through aggregation spaces, and they produce and share content and emotions, and manage their network of contacts. Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected, and to do this, needs to collect and process personal information, such as: the activities that you performed and the information that you provide; the information provided by other people; your Networks and Connections, Payment Information, Device Information, Website and app information that uses Facebook Services, Third Party Information, Facebook Companies. Facebook User information, is used to provide, improve, and develop services and to create customized user experiences. Facebook knows how to deal with the treatment and sharing of personal information and user information, but, in some cases, the users violate the terms and conditions of data policy on Facebook.

How to delete Facebook account immediately ? Who is registered on Facebook accepts that: “any claim, substantial right or dispute between the user and Facebook“, subject to the Declaration on the Terms of Service of the Program and on the processing of personal data, “will be solved solely in the US Federal District Court of North California or in a court in San Mateo County, agreeing to submit to the jurisdiction governed by the Laws of the State of California. How do I remove myself from Facebook completely ? If you want to delete yourself from Facebook for any reason, it is not advisable to open disputes with Facebook. It’s therefore advisable to avoid unnecessary and costly disputes, and to be assisted in the cancellation process from Facebook. If you are wondering “how do I delete myself from Facebook” you must to know that there are differents removal procedures on Facebook, and each of them must be applied depending on the user’s interest.

Facebook needs to handle multiple requests: how to take yourself off Facebook temporarily, or how to delete Facebook permanently, or if you want to report any violation or abuse, canceling a profile that is victim of an intrusion (Facebook identity theft) or victim of a phishing, remove the profile of a deceased person, remove a blocked profile from Facebook for violating terms of use, violating a bad, illicit, violent, violent profile Sexual, terrorist, who are suicidal, referring to people under the age of 13. It may happen that after the closing of a Facebook account, images, information and related content are still present on the Internet. In this case, Facebook allows you to delete permanently all content from Facebook through a specific dedicated procedure. You have to be careful about how to delete yourself from Facebook, because the procedure can “freeze” or it can be canceled if the information is incorrect or untruthful. In these terms, technical and legal assistance is very useful to achieve the goal and to prevent Facebook from interpreting the request in the wrong way, thus damaging the data and personal information associated with that profile.