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Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

The history of computer science has always been a positive component, with the development of software and hardware, and on the other hand, the growth of something absolutely negative, which has allowed the creation of most dangerous computer viruses. The virus is a software component, belonging to the category of malware, the purpose of which is to give the files to the system where it’s executed. It is a simple small program, a fragment of code, designed and written to reproduce and spread from one computer system to another, without the user’s knowledge, so without its permission.

With the boom on the Internet over the next few years, have been created a new list of computer viruses and worms, that have multiplied and spread more rapidly than in the past. Between most dangerous computer viruses ever, are included the names computer virus 2015. The top 10 computer virus names included: The Melissa virus, Blaster Worm, Netsky and Sasser, OSX/RSPlug Trojan, Storm worm, ILOVEYOU virus. Iloveyou virus is a computer worm that successfully attacked ten million Windows computers in 2000, when it was sent as an attachment on an “ILOVEYOU” text message in the subject line.

Top 5 computer virus names (computer virus names and what they do) included: Cryptolocker virus, which is a recent virus released in september 2013, that spread through email attachments and encrypted the user’s files so that they couldn’t access them. The cost of the malware: With 500,000 victims, CryptoLocker made upwards of $30 million in 100 days.; ILOVEYOU virus is one of the most well-known and destructive viruses of all time. The malware was a worm that was downloaded by clicking on an attachment called “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”, the cost of this malware was $15 billion; MyDoom is considered to be the most damaging virus ever released, as it hit tech companies like SCO, Microsoft, and Google with a Distributed Denial of Service attack, the cost was $38 billion; Storm Worm virus was a Trojan horse that infected computers, sometimes turning them into zombies or bots to continue the spread of the virus and to send a huge amount of spam mail. Other virus is Sasser Netsky, that are actually two separate worms, but they’re often grouped together. In fact, Sasser spread through infected computers by scanning random IP addresses and instructing them to download the virus. Netsky was the more familiar email-based worm. Netsky was actually the more viral virus, and caused a huge amount of problems in 2004.

Currently the most dangerous computer viruses are capable of polluting many other types of files, changing BIOS loaded in RAM, spreading through the same physical media in the PC, and physically damaging even hardware.