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Online Reputation

If you meet a person for the first time, there are 92% probability that he\she will look up your name and surname on the Internet. Have you ever wondered what this person would find about you after the search? What is your online reputation? The definition of online reputation is the perception of a person, based on information and online data, which are archived and processed, through search engines, social networks and web-sites. Online reputation defines a person’s digital identity, along with personal information and data published on the web. “Reputation” is a word derived from the Latin language and it means “computing”, “thinking”. The processing of personal information and online information related to a person determines his or hers reputation and the definition of his or hers identity. The latest generation of Internet users are used to looking for information about a person on the Net, by typing his/hers name and surname, sometimes with the addition of a “keyword” (for example, a professional title, as it could be “accountant”, or the city of belonging, example “London”). Google and Facebook handle securely the dissemination algorithms that affect online reputation; In fact, no one can know how information is stored and disseminated, and it causes the tough management of personal online reputation.

Every individual can check on a person, and this is a rather harsh risk if the person’s information is not entirely positive, especially in the case of news articles that relate to past negative experiences. There are many tips for management online reputation, because it’s really important to work on the online reputation. For some time, Google has introduced some specific tools for management online reputation, because in recent years this topic is increasingly important to the individual, both at the personal level than working. Also, it’s very important the online reputation management for companies, because the assessment of brand reputation and the knowledge of its reputation (“what,” how, and where to measure) are advantageous strategies and obligatory steps for any organization that operates in the current economic and social context.

You can intervene in defense of this, with the online reputation management strategy, with help of  a lawyer and a communication specialist on search engines and social networks. A Lawyer can defend the human Rights and intervene to claim them: for example, your name is associated with incorrect or outdated information, or defamatory; An online communication specialist can help you to restructure your online reputation through the use of tools for retraining your personal data and information. Everything has to be dealt with a reputation management strategy, which is able to build, thought the online reputation management services, a new digital identity and remove the past negative reputation. Indeed, if your online reputation is bad, you have to act the right away, but be careful to take the right direction thought a well-defined technical and legal strategy.

You need to contact with a team of technical and legal advisors who can define your real situation and to build an action plan, based on acquired Rights and web communication strategies. Exercising human Rights on the Internet means to influence your online reputation and to find the way to produce a new digital identity. You need to work a lot of time to read carefully the terms of the request removal of modification of personal information on the Internet. For example, Google provides many disputes about legal proceedings. But don’t be discouraged! Your online reputation can be restored with patience, and with the help of an specialist of the online reputation.