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Privacy Policy Generator

The Privacy Policy generator is a legal document containing the declarations for the collection, use, disclosure, storage and management of a user’s personal data. The Privacy Policy generator must to be contain a specific information about the holder and site information and how this data is processed. Best Privacy Policy generator must to meet the requirements regarding the processing of personal data and must to be prepared following the information provided by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the European Union, the directives on the personal data protection on Internet are different from the United States of America. For the European Commission the privacy policy generator must include, first of all, the respect for the privacy of individuals, including home, family, other information and professional life. In addition, there is a special discipline on our continent for the processing of personal data on the search engines. Each website must be published the free terms and conditions generator of the Privacy Policy document for the website, which contains the information for the use, and indicates the procedure for accessing and modifying the personal data by the data controller. The personal data must be stored in a secure place: it’s the website owner, (corresponding to the domain name “Registrant”), who responds to any administration or procedural defects, and he will pay the consequences; except in other cases where another holder is specifically indicated.

Searching for a simple privacy policy free ( free terms of service generator ) can not the best solution, because there is a law, as you may be in danger of paying sanctions by the GDPR. It is not legal to credit a privacy policy generator or to refresh the code for processing your personal data. We advise you to contact a legal advisor to produce and review the “Privacy Policy generator” template for the website. The legal Disclaimer Generator can generate a legal disclaimer for your business, website or a privacy policy template on app (privacy policy generator for apps).The document must be accessible on all pages (“URLs”) of the website and must be contain the information that is useful to identify the holder of the processing of personal data. A legitimate and secure website must to have a legal Privacy Policy Generator that is readily accessible and produced in accordance with the Code of Conduct regarding the processing of personal data.