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Report A Scam On eBay

Amongst the online auctions websites, eBay is one of the most important, where you can either sell items or buy them. In either case, the buyer or the seller may sometimes encounter certain disagreements, such as where a buyer will have trouble buying from a seller (scammed on eBay by buyer), or where it’s impossible to conclude a successful sale (scammed on eBay by seller). The seller who pretends to sell a item, and who disappears after receiving the payment from the buyer, is deemed to be the law responsible for the offense of fraud; In fact you can report a scam on eBay, as there is a prison sentence that varies according to the scam, and substantial fines. Can the Police get involved with eBay? As reported on the Action Fraud site, last year, eBay fraudsters were jailed, because the gang ( included in the eBay fraudsters list ) defrauded people by offering non-existent cars and motorhomes for sale on eBay and Gumtree to victims for around £200/£300 less than the going rate. Victims were duped into believing a story that a woman called Lucy had broken up with her boyfriend and had to sell quickly. After buyers transferred money, the funds were withdrawn out of the accounts by the gang and communication cut.

If you want to report a scam on eBay, the first action to do is to report eBay member, through Online Customer Service where the user can choose according to the damage suffered the type of request they want to do. Also, you can report eBay member for harassment, because Ebay takes profanity and harassment via their email system very seriously and there is a way to report it properly to Ebay. How to report someone on eBay for being abusive ? You can block an eBay member if it concerns, for example, illegal listings; whether you want to issue feedback or complaints to a seller; If you want to report abuse of eBay rules, including frauds emails; Or even cases where you are the seller and you have not received a payment.

You can also report a scam on eBay, pointing to the staff that does not comply with the terms of use of the site. eBay has introduced the eBay Money Back Guarantee service that seeks to protect some purchases made on eBay.co.uk, only and exclusively if the payment was made with PayPal. In addition, eBay is not responsible if the purchased items are vehicles, real estate, business, digital content, and industrial machines. Inside the page, there is a full list of items that are subject to eBay reimbursement, and all the terms and conditions of the program are listed.