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Report A Seller On Amazon

Amazon, created and founded by Jeff Bezos, is one of the largest online trading companies, thanks to the vastness of its sites in many countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, China, Brazil, Mexico , Japan, Netherlands and India, and shipped its products all over the world. On Amazon, you can buy different products: products sold and shipped directly from Amazon where you have a total security; Products sold by third parties, but are safe because they are shipped directly from Amazon; And those sold and shipped entirely by third parties, where in this case the seller could cheat you. In this case, you can report a seller on Amazon (also you can report a seller on Amazon UK).

If you have any problems and you wish to report a seller on Amazon, you can access to the “Report Infringement”, and you can report listing abuse on Amazon, through filling out the form: “This form is intended for use by rights owners and their agents to notify Amazon of alleged infringements such as copyright and trademark concerns. If you are not a rights owner or their agent, Amazon will not be able to process complaints submitted through this form”. In this sense, you report suspicious seller on Amazon, whether you are a seller or a buyer; indeed if you are a seller may use the form to report inappropriate listings, or problem with seller Amazon, policy violations, etc. If you are a buyer you can report problems with orders, seller policy violations (report infringement Amazon), or report incorrect description of Amazon, you may use this form.

Where is Contact Us on Amazon ? If you have a problem with a shipment and want to report a seller on Amazon, you can go directly to Amazon on their Help & Customer Service, and submit a complaint by choosing from the options, or you can make an Amazon complaint via phone, and you will be asked to select the category for which you want to be contacted, and you must indicate your phone number where you will be called by them. If you believe you are a victim of a seller who wants to cheat you, and you want to cancel your order, you can try sending the request directly to this seller, from “My Orders” and awaiting your response.

Most likely, however, he will not answer, and that’s why you should to report a seller on Amazon, where you can access your Amazon account using your “A-to-z Guarantee Protection”, In order to be able to intervene within 2 weeks to unlock the frozen funds and cancel the order. Amazon sends the refund only if the item is part of its products, but  it’s not responsible for the “third-party seller“, because he is a only responsible for selling his products and for any problems with a buyer.