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Report A Website To The Police

The Internet is the most powerful communicative medium in the world and as such, users insert any kind of data inside it, to express opinions, consents, contrasts, or even defame another user. You can report a website to the Police because by typing your name on search engines like Google, you know that your data is on the pages that may not respect your privacy, or even more than yours dignity and honor, because they are harmful to your personal image and your work reputation.

In this event, how to report a website to Google? If you want to report a negative website, or if you want this to be excluded from the search results because it’s malicious or fraudulent, or because it does not respect your rights, you can appeal directly to Google via the page, where is the webmaster tools of Google, and click on the type of request that you want to send. It’s good to keep in mind that Google can remove a website – if it considers it a valid request – only when it’s the owner (or only when the site is included in the Google Products list: Blogger / Blogspot, Google Plus Google Street View, Google News, Google Books, Zagat, Google Maps, Local Guides Connect, and many other Google Products, Google Play Music, Google Play App, Google Shopping, Google Images, Picasa, others).

For this reason, it’s important that before you make a request to Google to remove a site you can identify who the web site is. If the removal request is not taken into account by Google, you can report a website to the Police, and inside their site you can make a complaint based on types of frauds. Within Action Fraud by Police, there is an online frauds list, listed in alphabetical order, such as how to report a phone scammer, or how to report a scammer online. It’s possible reporting fraudsters because there may be a “pension fraud website”, where are the pension fraudsters that promise to convert pension benefits into cash before age 55.

How to report a website for illegal contents? There are so many types of illegal contents on the Internet, for example online fraud, payment fraud, bank account fraud, and other illegal types of frauds. You can report a fraud to Action Fraud by using the online fraud reporting tool, or by speaking to specialist fraud advisers. The online fraud reporting tool will take you through a series of questions about the incident you are reporting, including questions about the suspect.