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Report Identity Theft On Facebook

How to report identity theft on Facebook is one of the most common phrases on Facebook. The Facebook account is hacked when someone manages to take advantage of your personal profile, thus accessing all your private messages, your friends list, your image gallery, and so much other private information. You can recognize that your account has been impersonated, if the creator of fake facebook account changes your email address or password; changes to your name or date of birth; friendship requests have been sent to people you don’t meet; Posts have been posted not by you. How do you report a fake profile on Facebook ? You can also report identity theft on facebook if the fake account sends spam to your friends, and you can report “compromised account” to Facebook. If you wish report Facebook account under 13 Facebook will check if “the age of the child is reasonably verifiable as below 13, and in this way the account will be deleted immediately. You will not receive confirmation of this action, but you should no longer see this child’s timeline on the site”.

Is anonymous to report fake facebook account ? Reports are always anonymous. Users don’t get notified if someone reports them, because when something/ someone gets reported to Facebook, he will review and remove anything that violates his community rules. No information is provided about the person who submitted the report when the responsible person is reached. If you’re wondering “ how to report a Facebook account if I am blocked ” because you find a fake profile with your real name, you can contact the Facebook Help Team, but if you’re blocked from seeing the content you want to report, please ask a friend to help you provide a link to the content or report it for you. If you’re able to get a link from a friend, you can use the form to submit a report.

You can report identity theft on Facebook because you suffered a serious Facebook impersonification crime. If you have imitated your profile and prepared for some illegal online activities, or even if they can use against you, they are committing cyber bullying. In this way, how to report a fake Facebook account to the Police ? If someone is making threats against you, Police will contact Facebook’s offices and request that they lock all account information for the offending account. This will allow Police to get a subpoena for account information and access information, such as IP addresses used by the suspect.  But, you keep in mind, that those situations are extremely rare, because there are a lot of users that requests to the Police how to report identity theft on Facebook; Therefore the police can not always help you. Therefore, we invite you to contact a law firm to help you in this way.