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Report Online Fraud To Police

Nowadays there are so many reasons why users have to report online fraud to Police because there are a lot of problems on the Internet and hence a long frauds list which are made by hackers of the web. There are so many types of frauds on the web, which have been listed in a Frauds List created by the Police, and in particular by Action FraudNational Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. Online frauds list can include, for example: bank card and cheque fraud, business directory fraud, Identity fraud, online shopping fraud, etc..

Modern consumers are increasingly willing to buy consumer goods / services on the net, rather than in their usual physical locations. This is because – thanks to the web – there is a chance to save, both in terms of money, cause there is a bigger offer that allows lower prices, and time, because it’s definitely a lesser effort than to go to the store. On the other hand, however, e-commerce also has negative sides, which includes, first of all, the online shopping fraud suffered by the scammers. Another type of scam that is very common in recent times is benefit fraud, when someone claims a state benefit, grant or credits that they’re not entitled to. You can make anonymous benefit reporting directly to National Benefit Fraud Online, where you don’t have to give your name or contact details unless you want to.

How to report a scammer online ? To report a fraud via web, you can access to Fraud Reporting Tool by Action Fraud, that will take you through a series of questions about the fraud you are reporting, including questions about the suspect (for example “how to report a phone scammer online”). If you have any questions or need help on “ how to report a scammer online ” you can contact the reference number of Action Fraud Crime which is available online on their website. Furthermore, there is Action Fraud live chat which allows you to access to this service, that’s available 24 hours a day. “When using web chat you are speaking live to one of our advisors in the contact centre, who can assist with queries or you help fill out an online report”. For any information, you can connect to the site, under the “Contact Us“.

Differently from to report online fraud to Police for the reasons listed above, you can report to Google the website for violating any of the content policies set forth in their Program Policies. If you are wondering How to report a website to Google, because the site is spam, Google writes that “takes spam extremely seriously, and investigates reported instances. These reports are submitted directly to our webspam team and are used to devise scalable solutions to fight spam”. If you wish report abuse and non-consensual distribution of your personal information, like photos, telephone number, or other personal information, you should contact the webmaster of the website that allows you personal data.