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Right To Be Forgotten Facebook

Right to be Forgotten definition is the citizen’s right to request the cancellation, indexing and storing of his personal data and related information from the search engines. This right can be exercised in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (right to be forgotten GDPR), which allows the individual, the possibility that the personal information is not transmitted on the Internet. However, there is the possibility to move the news that tells about your criminal records, because these news can destroy your image and your job reputation. On the web, there is the right to be forgotten form, which is featured on dedicated pages on the Search engines, like “Yahoo!“, “Bing“, who have provided the guides for submitting the forms for the Right to be Forgotten request. The right to be forgotten Facebook is different than on the search engines, since in fact on the social network each user independently handles personal information. Facebook allows you to set the privacy of your account and manage the sharing of photos, videos, and other personal information with people who have made a Friend Request and with anonymous visitors. The right to be forgotten Facebook is completely different from the right to be forgotten Google, as Facebook is not a search engine but a data sharing platform and user-uploaded information. Google in fact, has dedicated entire pages to this important Right for the citizen. The “right to be forgotten Google” has ruled that this right is not allowed when there are legal cases (right to be forgotten case) that have just been concluded.

In fact, the are on the right to be forgotten pros and cons, because that on the one hand, the person may request the removal of his personal data from the web, but on the other hand, not everyone can exercise this right: they can not exercise this right, if who is a public officer, who is popular (vip), who works as a freelancer or is enrolled in a professional order, or who has committed a serious offense that has raised public opinion (for example: a pedophile, a fraudster). Removing your name from the web is not a right; you have the right to request removal and receive an answer, but there is no Right to remove data in a “direct” way. The Law says that your personal information may be removed by the Google Service Provider or by the Data Controller, if he believes it is a good Right (in according to the latest consolidated text of the Personal Data Processing Code).

Although there is no right to be forgotten Facebook form, as it does on Google, the social network has however different reports that a user can do against a page or another user. There are procedures for removing inappropriate content or for reporting a user to Facebook. How to solve this problem and how to deal with the Right to be Forgotten on Facebook? By proceeding with order, the first thing to do is learn how to manage the basic information of your profile. Facebook has 5 different types of support: Android App, iPhone and iPad Apps, Windows Desktop App, Facebook For Every Phone App and Facebook Lite App. Facebook can receive reports of privacy violations from users directly concerned: a photo or video that does not respect a person’s privacy can be removed by filling out a form. Facebook will analyze the report and decide whether to take the appropriate action under the “Community Standards Facebook”. What information should be sent to Facebook for the Right to be forgotten and what for the violation? First of all, you have to define what you want to report: a Photo, Video or Other Content of Facebook, that has violated your Privacy. After that, the account information – that has violated the “Facebook Policies” – must be collected and at last a legitimate and exhaustive request must be submitted.

Facebook will receive the request and will forward a removal request to the account that caused the violation of Privacy; In the second instance, Facebook will eventually remove the content directly and will comply with the Right to Be Forgotten on the Internet. Warning: We recommend that you contact a Webmaster to handle the Right to be Forgotten of Search Engine. In fact, your personal information removed from Facebook may still be reachable on Google by typing your name. The assistance of a Webmaster is very important: without it, you risk that users who violated privacy on Facebook can repeat the action by going to Google to retrieve photos, videos, and other data on the social network.