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Sue Someone On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful media in the world, because – thanks to its easy of use and publishing – it creates a network of millions and millions of users. Such a facility can be a double-cut weapon as it can, in addition to being able to interconnect from one side of the world for free, may also involve illegal delusions, such as Facebook defamation cases, or libel on Facebook cases. For this reason, if you are unaware of the regulations governing these activities, the risk is very high because it can be done, even for ignorance, in civil and criminal offenses, because it is illegal to slander someone on Facebook. In this case, the injured person can sue someone on Facebook.

What to do for slander on facebook ? You can sue someone on Facebook, because he has offended your honor, reputation, personal dignity. In fact, posting certain information on Facebook may provide the basis for a lawsuit. You can prove defamation of character by reporting slander on Facebook to the Police, and demonstrating that it caused the injury and it was false and was not a privileged statement. This is because Facebook is a means capable of reaching millions of people, producing greater harm to the person, as it amplifies offense in the broader social spheres. The offense went through the press or by any other means of publicity, or in a public act. The vastness of Facebook’s audience is enormous, as it accounts for nearly 2 billion active users monthly, and the situation is worse since the “posts” can be re-published an infinite number of times by all users who want to publish it In their bulletin board.

But it’s good to keep in mind that defamation only occurs when the offender says false things against a person. Suing for libel on facebook, means to testify that false things have been said on their own person, because the law admits that it’s not libelous or slanderous for a person to repeat a truthful statement about someone, even if the statement may damage that person’s reputation. If you wish report slander on Facebook Policy, know that Facebook removes only things that violate the Facebook Terms (ex: pornography, hate speech, threats, graphic violence, bullying and spam). On the contrary, you can sue someone for harassment on Facebook, indeed many states enacting laws that prohibit online harassment specifically. Even if such laws do not exist yet, current state harassment laws may provide a basis for a lawsuit. These may include cyber bullying, stalking, and other important and delicate issue, or in which a person impersonates someone else and pretends to post as him or her.

For this reason, even if you decide to rely on the competent Authorities, the advice of a legal expert in this matter is absolutely advisable, especially in view of the probative support that must be attached to the act. In addition, the law firm must be provided with an IT technician who can find witness on Facebook for evidence that is required to attach to the complaint form.