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Cyber Lex

Cyber Lex is a service company that protects human rights on the Internet. The company is formed by IT professionals, lawyers, researchers and developers of new solutions for: the protection of human rights, privacy and intellectual property. The mission of Cyber Lex is to contribute to the legibility of the Internet, to uphold human rights; and to offer legal protection, useful to the cause. Cyber Lex can receive online requests for support, so these can be later interpreted to provide the right technical and legal assistance.

You can turn to Cyber Lex if: you have problems with the management of your personal data, or information that is related to it; if you want to delete information from the Internet; or in general if you want to remove inappropriate content from the web (photos, information, profiles, news). Cyber Lex will analyze your case and  will propose you with an action plan to solve your problem. Defending human rights online it’s never easy but with your help with collecting the right information, we can work forward the fulfillment of your rights.

You can consult information regarding human rights on the Internet through the web pages that we have posted on this website. These could be useful for working on your situation; in fact on these you can find: how to remove your information from Google; how to protect your damaged online reputation. Before making a stand for your human rights online, you must gather the right information to make your case more reliable during the process of resolving your problem. To accomplished all that’s been said before, you may need a Webmaster or a legal assistant, and for these services you can contact us and we will fulfill all your requests.

You can turn to Cyber Lex to manage your personal online reputation; pointing out the websites, people and the content that have damaged your identity and your interests. If you have a problem with a person on Facebook, or with a Google website, you can contact Cyber Lex to initiate legal actions and, if necessary, assist you to report a cybercrime. All Online security, hacking, phishing or identity theft should be reviewed with legal assistance and support from an experienced computer technician. For more information, contact us.


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